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The MBA Group is a conglomerate of businesses founded by entrepreneur and investor, Richard J. (RJ) Valentine and his teams.

Unlike the serial entrepreneurs who found a few companies, RJ has spent decades building dozens of businesses, with 18 notably successful exits and 24 current operating firms in a diverse range of industries.

Unlike private equity investors who are simply transaction-oriented money men, RJ and his partners become deeply involved with the companies in which they invest. Their expertise in operations, sales & marketing, management, and financing helps to ensure that their investment companies succeed for all stakeholders – owners, investors, employees, and clients.

We tend to break a lot of old rules, writing new rulebooks that define more effective pathways to victory. We are proud to share a few of our success stories with you – and outline our process for investment success. Thank you for your interest.



By RJ Valentine, Chairman, The MBA Group

Over the years, I’ve been lucky. But like my father said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” My luck? I’ve been fortunate enough to have the right idea at the right time. I said YES to an investment when my partners said, “You’re crazy.” I was able to negotiate a couple of unreal exits, leaving me with the resources to found, build and invest in more businesses.

People ask me frequently what my “secret” is. And it’s not a secret. It’s a process built on instinct, sure, but also on common sense, research, building the right management team, and quite a lot more.

Since the process is not a secret, I thought I’d memorialize it a little for posterity, but more to demonstrate what happens when you bring operational expertise to the firms which you are building and in which you are investing. Here’s my overview of what we do to build a winner.


Global Business Funding Group

Global Business Funding Group

Global Business Funding Group, one of the MBA Group of Companies, provides sophisticated capital options to middle market companies located throughout the United States. GBFG makes principal capital investments for growth, management buyouts and majority recapitalizations and also consults with other businesses to help them achieve their goals whether that is growth, financings or an exit.

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RJ Valentine's News

RJ Valentine

August 3, 2019

CASE STUDY: A Serial Success Story

For more than 3 decades, Boston’s own “RJ” Valentine has made a career of building successful and profitable businesses for himself and his partners only to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man knows how to make money and create market leaders.